11 Temmuz 2012 Çarşamba

The Bells Toll for Syria

Let’s go back to near history. To the beginning of the WW I, when the Germany was trying to involve the Ottoman officially in the war. We would all remember the bren-carriers called Yavuz and Midilli or better known as Goeben and Breslau. These carriers came into the Ottoman waters from Çanakkale gate and later the Ottomans claimed them and recalled them Yavuz and Midilli. Afterwards, as those carriers bombed the ports of Sevastopol, the Ottomans were also pulled into the war.

And today, there are two obstacles left before the reformation of Middle East, which has started as Arab Spring. One of them is Iran, whereas the other is Syria.  Even though the NATO, United Nations and USA – I guess it would be better to call them “Allied Powers” –provide every kind of support to rebels in Syria, the rebels in Syria could not eventually be successful as they are not skilled as the ones in Egypt and Libya. There is one option left; choosing a victim country to wage a direct war against that country… 

The increasing Arab admiration and Neo-Ottomanism movement have been an obstacle against the Government to involve in a war. So what should be done for that??? Actually the answer has been quite simple. The ones, who know that the Turks would never accept a twist in the wind, pushed the button and made a Turkish jet crash down in the offshore waters of Syria. Syria claimed it was a violation in the sovereign base area, where the Turks saw it as an unacceptable mistake and started to have war paints on. Here comes the question; have you ever filed a complaint to the police against your friend just because he hit you once? Or have you ever sued someone just because he threatened you once? For a legal sanction, the precondition is the continuity of the attack. So? So, as you cannot claim that your jet, which was made crash down by Greek Mirage planes as a declaration of war, you cannot claim this as a declaration of war, either.

And, despite all done, can Turkey be involved in a possible war by a president that is the co-chairman of the Big Middle East plan? I don’t think it is a must to be fortuneteller to guess that. A country, which claims it was an accident that you plane crashed down by the Greek planes, goes in front of cameras and calls the NATO with regards to the Article 4.
Yes, I guess the bells toll for Syria or rather BesharEssad…